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Financial Planning

Whether your goals are in the near or longer-term, we believe that a financial plan provides the compass towards leads you to your goals. Our 5 -step process outlines how we'll approach your needs:

Informational Call

This is the beginning of our working relationship with one another. On this
phone call or zoom meeting, we’ll be able to learn about your financial needs, and will share how Berknell Financial Group can assist as
your trusted financial partner.

Data Gathering

Upon choosing to work with us, you’ll have access to award winning financial 02 planning software, where we will undergo your discovery activity. We’ll use information such as your clearly stated goals, account balances and allocation, and debt amongst other things to build out your recommendations.

Financial Evaluation

After analyzing the data, we’ll have another meeting to review your recommendations and make any adjustments, if necessary.


After reviewing the recommendations, we’ll begin to implement them through opening investment accounts, transferring any funds, and implementing your budget along with any other suggestions. We’ll invest the funds on your behalf and we’ll keep you updated on performance during our pre-determined check ins.  

Periodic Reviews

Advice With You In MindTM not only
means giving you suitable recommendations, but it also means helping you stay
on track. We’ll schedule annual, quarterly
or monthly meetings to discuss your
plan, investments, and any life changes
that may occur.