Private Client Group

In this group, Berknell Financial Group is paid via a percentage of assets under management or an annual retainer based on net worth and complexity. We are not paid by commissions or referral fees. This allows us to give your Advice with You In Mind™ that will help bring your goals to life. No sales. No Products. No commissions.

We provide the
most value to people in this group who have comprehensive planning, and investing needs along with investable assets of $500,000.

We develop deep relationships to with our clients to support them in their wealth design, preservation and transfer. Fees and services will be discussed in further detail on the introductory call.

Our comprehensive planning and portfolio management services look at all the following “pieces” to create a holistic plan.

Cash flow and budgeting
Investment Management
Retirement Planning
Risk Analysis and Insurance
Real Estate
Estate Planning
Tax Planning
Education Planning
Employee Benefits

Pay Me In Equity: A Millennial Guide to Understanding Equity Compensation | Part I: Pay Me In Equity

Part I discusses different types of equity and why it is important for tech professionals.

We’ve been fooled: equity is far more than we think it is. Pay Me In Equity, segmented in four parts, educates the under forty professional on understanding the details of the employer-sponsored plans while offering advice to anyone who seeks to design their wealth through growing their “personal equity.

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We’ve worked hard to build the culture we have today, and every new member or preferred partner who joins us offers our clients even more value through their shared values, priorities and vision.