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Introducing the Berknell Townhall Series

In September of 2015 when I incorporated Berknell Financial Group, I knew exactly what I wanted to create. After short stints at practically every type of firm, I was not fulfilled with how these institutions were trying to meet the core needs of their clients. 

In my opinion, a firm was to be robust in the way that they served their clients. It’s model should be one that is built upon servant-leadership. It should be educative, community-oriented and tied together through the lifetime partnership with those who agree to become clients. This was the vision, and one that I was confident in executing. The thing that I was discounting was the time that it would take to bring this vision to life. As illustrated in my recent blog post, The Power of Patience, I thought that overnight successes did exist — and boy was I wrong. The process immediately humbled me, and directed me to the micro-activity that inevitably would lead to macro-success.

So I hit the pavement. 

I shook hands, kissed babies, and made sure that this vision was explained to anyone, and everyone who was willing to listen. I took a stab at my first self-published book, Dating Benji: Straight Talk on Improving Your Relationship with Money and was approached to write my second book, Young Money: 4 Proven Actions to Design Your Wealth While You Still Can,   through a renown publisher. I’ve tried and failed, fell and risen, but still I am committed to making sure that anyone who is disciplined, dedicated and determined is equipped with the tools that they need to build the wealth that they desire. This is a marathon that my colleagues and I are willing to run. Our latest addition to this quest is the Berknell Townhall, a live, interactive event exclusively for our client community.

Our first guest, Brian Portnoy, Ph.d, CFA, is an expert at simplifying the complex world of money. He is an investor, educator, writer, and entrepreneur. As the Founder of Shaping Wealth, Brian speaks on and coaches financial wellness throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. In his two books, The Investors Paradox and The Geometry of Wealth, he tackles the challenges of not only making better investment decisions but also how money figures into a joyful life. Brian has worked in the hedge fund and mutual fund industries for more than two decades. He is a CFA charter holder and earned his doctorate at the University of Chicago.

It is through unique experiences like this that we hope to amplify positive voices while educating the Berknell community. Join us.