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Our goal is to provide a simple and secure solution for your future. An Estate Plan fulfills the legacy of a Financial Plan and creates a peace of mind that is irreplaceable.

We are proud
to offer a cost-effective solution that can serve clients in all 50 states.

Every plan that we coordinate has the ability to include information that addresses conduit language for IRA’s, opportunities to convert shares to a Special Needs Trust or postpone distribution in exceptional circumstances (example: drug use) , state-specific requirements, flexibility plan for unknown changes in State and Federal Estate Tax Law, and more.

Property Agreement for Community Property States
Financial Power Of Attorney
Certification Of Trust
Deed(s) for Real property ($250/Deeds)
HIPAA Release
General Transfer
Medical Power of Attorney or Advance Health Care Directive
1 %

Of Americans say they would like and Estate Plan, but haven’t gotten around to it yet*

1 %

Of Americans with a will believe that wills protect them for probate court after they pass away

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