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Berknell Athletes™ is dedicated to serving and simplifying the complex needs of professional athletes and entertainers. In this client group, we meet the needs of highly visible individuals through assessing their unique earnings profiles, variable career spans, and aligning their personal goals with their resources. By applying all of our services, we seek to maximize these swiftly passing years to help you achieve greater success.

Services for Berknell Athlete's Include, but are not limited to:

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Our three distinct client groups allow us to serve a diverse base of clients along the age and asset spectrum.

Pay Me In Equity: A Millennial Guide to Understanding Equity Compensation | Part I: Pay Me In Equity

Part I discusses different types of equity and why it is important for tech professionals.

We’ve been fooled: equity is far more than we think it is. Pay Me In Equity, segmented in four parts, educates the under forty professional on understanding the details of the employer-sponsored plans while offering advice to anyone who seeks to design their wealth through growing their “personal equity.

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