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Your Chief Designer 

What many people don’t expect when they work with us is that we're human too.  We have dreams and goals for ourselves, and our lives, just as you do. Because of this, we are able to serve every client with patience, empathy and detailed planning. These characteristics have made us the thorough and competent advisors that we are today. 

With this approach, we're able to build plans that speak to the vision of your life and encourage hope in the future.  Our hope for every one of our clients is that after each meeting, you’ll feel more confident and rest assured that your money is here to be an engine of opportunity.

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Dasarte Yarnway

Managing Director


Dasarte Yarnway is the Founder & Managing Director of Berknell Financial Group, an innovative independent wealth management firm focused on helping millennials and seasoned investors design their best lives. 

Since its the firms inception, Berknell Financial Group has become one of the most notable millennial-led financial services organizations. In an industry that focuses on revenue and an dollars-invested, Dasarte realized that a firms value is created through how they could invest in their clients. Through this, both the Wealth Bridge™ and Private Client Groups were created. With his passion for listening to his client greatest concerns and applying realistic solutions, Dasarte has become the go-to partner for millennials, growing families and seasoned investors alike. Berknell encapsulates this approach in their motto: Advice With You In Mind. 

Coined a “financial thought leader” and Guru by Nerd Wallet and Financial Planning Magazine, Dasarte believes in meeting you were you are. He offers advice and insight through his weekly podcast, The Young Money Podcast, three books (Dating Benji 2016, Young Money 2018, Pay Me In Equity 2019) and weekly blog. His prayer is that you may design your wealth on your terms.

A Message from Your Advisor

The story of Berknell Financial Group begins way before we opened our doors in 2016. My mother was born on a rubber plantation in Liberia, West Africa where she harvested rubber and completed her schooling. My father was born in a small village in Nimba County, Liberia and studied engineering there. Their stories of traveling distances to go to school, working in Liberia's markets, figuring out how to make it to America and buying a home in one of the roughest neighborhoods in San Francisco is the backdrop of the grit that has been instilled in me. 

Our family home, in a now gentrified area, is our family's net worth and prized possession. Through the perils of figuring our how the American system works, I'd say that my parents did a good job. Now, had they'd know some of the financial strategies that we help our clients employ today, I often wonder about what my life might've looked like as a first-generation Liberian American? How would their retirements look? When my father passed away due to terminal illness, would he had left a bequest?

After working at some of the largest names in the industry, I've found that we've gotten the numbers right, but the people wrong. We've overlooked hard working individuals like my parents, and have focused on only ultra high net worth households. Our mission is to give these strategies to the people who the most. To help them design a life that's worth living and pursing fiercely. I hope that we can be apart of your journey. 

Learn More About Me

What are your credentials?
I am a series 7 & 66 licensed advisor and a candidate for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. I've worked as an Investment Associate at Fisher Investments, a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones and a Vice President of Wealth Management for HSBC Bank in Washington, DC and New York City. 

What hobbies do you enjoy?

It seems like in these times, people are more inclined to monetize their hobbies. In the truest sense of the word, I love to workout, I've gotten into reading as a relaxing activity and have began to spend more time doing outdoor activities such as hiking, etc.

Where are you located?

I split time between the Bay Area and Princeton, New Jersey. I meet with clients in-person or via zoom conference.

Who is your role model?

I'd say my personal role model is my father, the late Lonbaye Yarnway for his values, work ethic and approach to life. I also have a laundry list of business role models, particularly those who have grown into a rose from the concrete -- I see myself in their struggles. 

If you had the ability to travel back in time, what’s something you would tell your 18-year-old self?

What is for you won't pass you. Trust God, and be patient to let your blessings show themselves in their proper figures.